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A Bible-Shaped Political Witness

By Daniel Darling, Vice President for Communications at the ERLC and author of The Original Jesus. Daniel hosts The Way Home Podcast and blogs at danieldarling.com.   I talk to well-meaning pastors all the time who will say to me, “We just don’t do politics here at our church.” In one sense, I’m relieved to … [Read More…]

Video with Trevin Wax: Introducing the Christian Standard Bible

Text The goal of the Christian Standard Bible (CSB) is simple: To get more people reading God’s Word. We don’t have to choose between a translation that is word-for-word or thought-for-thought. Rather, we can have the best of both. The CSB is a translation that is ideal for study, preaching, and teaching. It’s also ideal … [Read More…]

Episode 29: Will there be oceans in eternity?

Brandon and Trevin answer a question raised in Revelation 21, “Will there be oceans in eternity?” Subscribe on iTunes | Keep up with Word Matters on Twitter — Meet the Hosts: Trevin Wax is Bible & Reference Publisher at B&H Publishing and the author of many books, including This Is Our Time, Counterfeit Gospels, and Gospel-Centered Teaching. Follow him on Twitter. Brandon D. Smith works with … [Read More…]