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Why Missional Churches Need to Pay Attention to the CSB

By Daniel Im, Director of Church Multiplication for LifeWay Leadership and NewChurches.com. Mission is not something that your church does. Nor is it something that your church can opt out of. And it’s not a strategy, preference, or style of ministry either. Mission needs to be core to the identity of any and every local … [Read More…]

Why the Christian Standard Bible?

The average American has 4.7 Bibles in their house, but the percentage of those people who are actually reading and engaging with the Bible may be lower than ever. When people stop engaging God’s Word, they stop growing. What stops people from reading God’s Word, and how can we encourage our congregations to dig into … [Read More…]

Episode 32: What is Paul’s thorn in the flesh?

George Guthrie is back to help Brandon and Trevin answer a question raised in 2 Corinthians 12, “What is Paul’s thorn in the flesh?” Subscribe on iTunes | Keep up with Word Matters on Twitter — Meet the Hosts: Trevin Wax is Bible & Reference Publisher at B&H Publishing and the author of many books, including This Is Our Time, Counterfeit Gospels, and Gospel-Centered Teaching. Follow … [Read More…]