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Finding Peace in Unexpected Places

By Jill McDaniel. This devotional is taken from the She Reads Truth Bible. Learn more about the She Reads Truth Bible, or explore the ministry behind it. I love the delicate crinkle I hear when I turn a page in my Bible. With each turn I feel like I’m pulling back a little of the … [Read More…]

How Can We Engage in Cross-Worldview Communication?

By Ravi Zacharias. This article is from the CSB Apologetics Study Bible, a resource designed to help you respond to doubts and answer tough questions about your faith. Weighty differences between worldviews can separate Christians from those of other persuasions, but in my work offering a defense of the Christian faith, I know firsthand they … [Read More…]

Episode 38: Was Jesus omniscient?

Brandon and Trevin answer a question raised in Mark 13, “Was Jesus omniscient?” Subscribe on iTunes | Keep up with Word Matters on Twitter — Meet the Hosts: Trevin Wax is Bible & Reference Publisher at B&H Publishing and the author of many books, including This Is Our Time, Counterfeit Gospels, and Gospel-Centered Teaching. Follow him on Twitter. Brandon D. Smith works with the Christian … [Read More…]