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2 Ways to Start Reading God’s Word with Jesus at the Center

Matthew Y. Emerson, Dickinson Associate Professor of Religion, Hobbs College of Theology and Ministry, Oklahoma Baptist University More and more these days we hear preachers and teachers tell us that Jesus should be the focal point of our sermons and interpretations. For me, this is a welcome development; I am convinced that this is the … [Read More…]

4 Tips for Understanding Any Passage of the Bible

Brandon D. Smith, Editor, Bibles & Reference; Spokesperson, Christian Standard Bible If you open up a dictionary or encyclopedia to any random page, you’ll have no trouble understanding the entry you stumble across. These books are designed to give you snapshots of information, and not much more. We all know, however, that the Bible doesn’t … [Read More…]

3 Things our Culture is Doing to Bible Reading and Discipleship

By Mary Wiley, Marketing and Communications, B&H Publishing Group We live in a microwave meals, listen-to-podcasts-in-double-time world. We want more with less; work smarter not harder. However, the move forward or get left behind mentality of today is not a good transferrable principle for discipleship. Mostly because discipleship is all about people, and people can’t … [Read More…]