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Archives for July 2018

The New CSB Web App is Now Live!

Our web developers have sweated the details that make reading the Bible online as close as possible to turning the pages of your favorite Bible: a clean layout, easy navigation, and quick access to notes and cross references. And we’ve leveraged the functionality and convenience that only online formats can offer, like the intuitive search … [Read More…]

Try the Audio Bible on the CSB Study App

Text-to-Speech only gets you so far. Sometimes it’s tough to actually sit and read, and text-to-speech isn’t the most optimal rendering of the Bible. Because the CSB team is constantly striving to make the Word of God more accessible, we just updated the CSB Study App with the full CSB Audio Bible. Now, on top of … [Read More…]

The CSB Outreach Bible Just Got Better

The CSB Outreach Bible just got better! ​The revised and updated editions of the CSB Outreach Bible are now even more readable. Updates include: – Larger print (7.75 point type) – Updated typeface – Topical subheadings – Increased white space Pick up a single copy or a discounted case at LifeWay.com.