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Download a Holy Week Reading Plan

Easter is only a week and a half away, and many of us have started our preparations. We’re settling brunch plans, buying the kids’ church clothes, and planning the special church services. But are we spending as much time getting our hearts ready to contemplate the cross and celebrate the empty tomb? We invite you … [Read More…]

Find the Bible That’s Best for You

We’ve been working hard to make the Christian Standard Bible available in the formats and editions that will best serve you and your community. Today, well over a hundred formats and editions of the CSB are already in print, with more editions on the way! With so many options, we know it can be difficult … [Read More…]

Celebrating the First Year of the Christian Standard Bible

This has been an exciting first year for the Christian Standard Bible! It has been a privilege and joy to publish new editions, study resources, apps, and more—with the ultimate goal of seeing more people reading and sharing God’s Word. Take a closer look at this infographic to see highlights from this past year.