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The CSB team has officially launched an Instagram account. Follow us to be encouraged with God’s Word and biblical truths, as well as keep up with the latest CSB product releases and news! Find our Instagram here.

Upcoming 2018 CSB Editions

Holman Bible Publishers and the CSB team are continually working to provide new Bible editions to help people read God’s Word consistently. This year we’re excited to publish several unique resources (like the CSB Worldview Study Bible), family-oriented editions (see our CSB Great and Small Bible), portable Bibles (be sure to pick up a CSB … [Read More…]

Download the New CSB Study App

The new and improved CSB Study App is now available for your iOS or Android device! The CSB Study App includes an award-winning array of study resources including the Christian Standard Bible (CSB) text and access to the CSB Study Bible, the Apologetics Study Bible (coming soon), and the Apologetics Study Bible for Students. Enjoy … [Read More…]