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Your Kids Have Questions About Their Faith…and So Do Their Friends

The CSB was translated to be easy to read and understand for anyone. This includes kids. The CSB Defend Your Faith Bible is a great resource to help kids understand God’s heart and answer some difficult questions. The Good Words feature helps kids understand and apply some of the more confusing words in the Bible. … [Read More…]

The New CSB Tony Evans Study Bible is Here!

Tony Evans is one of the most influential church leaders of our time and has been faithful in his effective proclamation of the gospel for over fifty years. The CSB Tony Evans Study Bible includes extensive study notes carefully crafted and curated by Dr. Tony Evans and adapted from his sermons, teachings, and writings. Now … [Read More…]

21 Days of Gratitude: A New Reading Plan from (in)courage

‘Tis the season of giving thanks. Many of us are thankful these days, reveling in the autumnal glory and start of the holiday season. But many of us may be struggling to give thanks for a myriad of reasons. Whether this is a sweet season of gratitude or a season of sadness, we stand with … [Read More…]