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KJV Explorer Bible for Kids, Purple LeatherTouch, Indexed

The KJV Explorer Bible for Kids helps kids place God’s Word in the middle of God’s world. Within its engaging, full-color pages, kids will interact with the people, places, and things of the Bible and God’s creation. Fascinating images, illustrations, timelines, and study helps show archeological evidence, introduce key characters, explain new concepts, and help kids experience the wonder and truth of the Bible. QR codes placed throughout the Bible bring educational videos, discussion questions, and activity pages to life, helping kids apply key truths of the Bible to real world experiences.  


  • Book introductions to help kids understand the key truths and takeaways for every book, including the “Who, What, When, Where, and Why”  
  • “Christ in Context” for each book to show how the whole Bible points to Jesus and the good news of the gospel  
  • “Discovering the Truth” callouts to help kids understand the essential truths of the Bible and apply them to their life 
  • “Excavating the Past” illustrations and real-world images to help connect the dots between important archaeological discoveries and the Bible 
  • “Exploring Creation” facts and images connecting modern-day objects and things in the world today to God and the Bible  
  • “Charting History” illustrated timelines to survey key time periods and events in biblical history  
  • “Character Field Guide” profiles with fun facts and insights about important people in the Bible  
  • “Archiving Discoveries” highlighting key memory verses throughout the Bible 
  • “Explorer Glossary” and topical concordance to help with some of the big words found in the Bible 
  • QR codes placed throughout the Bible with online videos and activities for home or church  
  • 9.5-point type size that is easy-to-read with words of Jesus in red  
  • Ribbon marker for easy referencing between pages  
  • Specially designed presentation page for gift giving or awards 
  • Full-color maps section to help find places mentioned in the Bible 
  • 6” x 9” page size 

The KJV Explorer Bible for Kids features the authorized Pure Cambridge Edition text of the King James Version (KJV) translation. The KJV is one of the best-selling translations of all time and captures the beauty and majesty of God’s Word for those who love the rich heritage and reverent language of this rendering of the Holy Bible.

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