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How Motherhood Shows Me the Gospel

By Mary Wiley. Motherhood is the strangest thing. In the past year and half, I’ve had the greatest opportunity of my life to become mama to two babies: one biologically and one through adoption. Both have been the sweetest reminder of the Gospel message to me. I was five months pregnant when we received a … [Read More…]

Trembling In My Hands

By Michael Card, songwriter, teacher, and author of several Bible studies and books, including A Sacred Sorrow and A Violent Grace. Michael also serves as the stylist for the Christian Standard Bible. I was 14 years old when the Bible started to tremble in my hands. Raised in a Baptist church in north Nashville, having … [Read More…]

What is the CSB?

When translating from an ancient language, when do you choose a more literal rendering and when do you adjust for clarity and understanding? Is it possible to take the best of both worlds? Those are the questions faced by the translation committee of the Christian Standard Bible, and the way they answered them is a … [Read More…]

Episode 34: Why did Jesus commend a dishonest manager?

Brandon and Trevin answer a question raised in Luke 16, “Why did Jesus commend a dishonest manager?” Subscribe on iTunes | Keep up with Word Matters on Twitter — Meet the Hosts: Trevin Wax is Bible & Reference Publisher at B&H Publishing and the author of many books, including This Is Our Time, Counterfeit Gospels, and Gospel-Centered Teaching. Follow him on Twitter. Brandon D. Smith works with … [Read More…]