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Download Free Sample of CSB (in)courage Devotional Bible

The CSB (in)courage Devotional Bible invites every woman to find her story within the greatest story ever told-God’s story of redemption. As you study God’s Word, 122 women from the (in)courage community come alongside you with 312 devotions, sharing how God brought them hope and healing, even in the hard and broken parts of life. … [Read More…]

Celebrating the First Year of the Christian Standard Bible

This has been an exciting first year for the Christian Standard Bible! It has been a privilege and joy to publish new editions, study resources, apps, and more—with the ultimate goal of seeing more people reading and sharing God’s Word. Take a closer look at this infographic to see highlights from this past year.   

Upcoming 2018 CSB Editions

Holman Bible Publishers and the CSB team are continually working to provide new Bible editions to help people read God’s Word consistently. This year we’re excited to publish several unique resources (like the CSB Worldview Study Bible), family-oriented editions (see our CSB Great and Small Bible), portable Bibles (be sure to pick up a CSB … [Read More…]