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Try the Audio Bible on the CSB Study App

Text-to-Speech only gets you so far.

Sometimes it’s tough to actually sit and read, and text-to-speech isn’t the most optimal rendering of the Bible. Because the CSB team is constantly striving to make the Word of God more accessible, we just updated the CSB Study App with the full CSB Audio Bible.

Now, on top of the CSB text already being free with the CSB Study App, you can download an audio version for free too! If you’ve already been using the CSB Study App, all you have to do is check out the store and download the CSB Audio Bible.

The full audio is a huge update, and we are looking forward to having the content available for the CSB Worldview Study Bible and the CSB Study Bible for Women in the next couple months.

If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, what are you waiting for? It just got better!

Download it for Android or iOS.