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Getting cozy with the CSB Notetaking Bible

Few things are as cozy as reading a good book and journaling. Doing both together is near bliss. We don’t even need to picture a rainy day, a cup of tea, or a crackling fireplace (or, for others, a scenic lake, an isolated cabin, a cute coffee shop, or whatever may be your favorite reading place!).

For some, just imagining this scene is enough for a serotonin boost!

But there’s one thing that makes this scene even more idyllic, and that’s journaling while you read your Bible as you reflect on the goodness and mercy of God. This sure sounds like a perfect morning (or afternoon, or evening!) to us.

There’s only one way that it can be improved upon, and that’s why the CSB partnered with the creative team at Hosanna Revival. Instead of having multiple journals floating around, all carrying different thoughts or serving different needs, we’ve designed a line of beautiful Bibles that provide ample space for journaling and reflection right there on the page, next to the Scripture that inspired your latest thoughts.

That’s why the CSB Notetaking Bible, Hosanna Revival Edition comes with the highest quality paper, ready to record a lifetime of reflections, prayers, and insights. If you have used other popular journaling Bibles, you’ll be familiar with the easy-to-read single-column layout, and you’ll love the two-inch margins on every page. There is plenty of room for all your thoughts!

The CSB Notetaking Bible, Hosanna Revival Editions are also the most beautifully designed journaling Bibles out there. Each cover is uniquely hand-painted and printed on cloth covers, paired with singular sewn binding. This gorgeous Bible will last through countless dedicated journaling sessions, even if you’re the kind of person who confuses their pen for a chisel!

Whether for you or another, the CSB Notetaking BIble, Hosanna Revival is the perfect gift. It even comes with a presentation page for this exact reason! Be sure to also check out the CSB Notetaking Bible, Hosanna Revival Bible in large print, which comes in a 9.5 font size.