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New Editions Join Holman Handcrafted Collection

The CSB Holman Handcrafted Collection is comprised of the finest-made Bibles we offer. With premium leather, art-gilded pages, smyth-sewn binding, and beautifully designed interiors, these editions provide a luxurious reading experience for believers. These Bibles are made with high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting use. Check out a few of our favorites below!

CSB Single-Column Personal Size Bible

The CSB Single-Column Personal Size Bible features an elegant single-column reading experience. The trimmed size of the Bible allows for easy carrying for on-the-go devotions, study, and daily use. This beautiful Bible will transform your Bible reading experience!

CSB Verse-by-Verse Bible

With the CSB Verse-by-Verse Bible, you’ll read the Bible in a new way. With its easy-to-read design, this edition gives each verse of the Bible its own line, allowing readers to focus on the exact Scripture that they are reading. It also includes cross-references and wide margins to make your studying as streamlined as possible.

CSB Personal Size Bible – Coming soon!

Designed for the believer on the go, the upcoming CSB Personal Size Bible is easily made part of your morning checklist before you hit your commute. With a concise format, this Bible is great for personal reading regardless of where you find yourself. Quickly accessible, easily transported, and forever needed. Preorder your copy today!


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