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New Testament Handbook Now Available!

Lovers of the Old Testament Handbook, rejoice! The second part, the New Testament Handbook is now available to order and grace your bookshelves and coffee tables. This elegant, full-color Bible handbook includes robust summary content, charts, maps, word studies, illustrations, and more for every New Testament book of the Bible. Constructed with high-quality cloth cover materials and a sewn binding, the New Testament Handbook is designed to last a lifetime as a valuable companion resource for Bible study, teaching, and ongoing discipleship.

The New Testament Handbook also makes a wonderful gift for readers who enjoyed the Old Testament Handbook, seminary students, when-the-kids-are-sleeping students, and anyone looking to break out of their usual ways of studying Scripture.

Order yours today!

Still not sold? Maybe a look at a few spreads will change your mind:

A spread of the New Testament Handbook showing the introduction to Romans