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The Word Matters Podcast Kicks off a New Season

Have you ever struggled to understand a tough passage in the Bible, let alone try to explain it to someone else? From the thorn in Paul’s side to the abomination of desolation, some parts of the Bible are just really hard to understand and to teach.  

Word Matters is a podcast dedicated to helping Christians understand some of the most confusing and controversial passages of the Bible. In each episode, Brandon Smith and Trevin Wax discuss one of these passages, take a look at some possible interpretations, and then offer possible solutions and practical ways to teach them.

This month, Word Matters is launching a new website to help you keep up with new episodes and find previous episodes by passage or topic. Check out the new website or subscribe on iTunes. 

Word Matters is presented by the CSB, and Brandon and Trevin both work on the CSB team. However, Word Matters is an independent entity—it’s not a CSB publication.