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A New CSB Podcast: That Moment When

The Christian Standard Bible is proud to announce our new podcast, That Moment When. All Christians have a story about how they come to know God. But those stories aren’t always simple. For a lot of Christians, there’s a specific moment when everything changed. But those moments can be complicated, counterintuitive, and even messy. In this … [Read More…]

Is our definition of diversity and unity too small?

.by Dr. Doug Logan, Jr. What is Biblical Diversity? Oneness, Not Sameness. Diversity. Some lament the lack of it, while others think we’ve got plenty. We want to know: how do we get it; do we need more of it; do we have enough of it; what exactly is it?  Christians aren’t immune to the … [Read More…]

What is it like to be a Bible translator? 

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about Bible translations and how the translation process works, you won’t want to miss this episode of the Church Grammar podcast with Dr. Thomas Schreiner. In this episode Dr. Schreiner discusses: The major revision of the HCSB to the CSB (5:55) How translators work through “formal” and “dynamic” … [Read More…]

Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth to Edit New Bible Project

We are happy to announce that Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth, founder of Revive Our Hearts, will be the General Editor in an upcoming Bible Project that will feature the CSB. Read this article for more information.