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Free Bible Giveaway

Mobilizing Local Churches to Take the Word of God into Their Communities LifeWay Christian Stores and President Thom S. Rainer are kicking off “Share the Word. Together.” This new initiative mobilizes local churches to take the Word of God into their communities. “Nothing has the power to change lives like God’s Word, so we want … [Read More…]

What is the Role of Bible Translation in Exegesis and Sermon Prep?

What does the Old Testament have to do with the New? What comprises a good, biblical, sermon? What is Biblical Theology? We recently brought a few members of the CSB Translation Oversight Committee together to discuss these questions and more! Below are a few highlights.   What role does a Bible translation play in biblical exegesis? … [Read More…]

How Spurgeon Spoke About Fatherhood

We’re looking forward to Father’s Day this weekend! We are so grateful for each of the faithful and loving fathers that we get to serve. When you engage with your kids, when you play with them on the floor after work, when you praise your wife in front of them, when you lead them in … [Read More…]

Introducing “Every Last Word”

We all have our favorite worship songs. Most of them incorporate Scripture in some way. How often, though, do we get to experience Scripture word-for-word set to song? Matt Papa and Ross King’s new song project does just that: Word-for-word Scripture in the CSB text set to song with a vision to add nuance, drama, … [Read More…]