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4 Principles to Lead with Integrity

As we continue to celebrate Pastor Appreciation Month, we want to highlight this article by Stephan Viars. It’s called “Leading with Integrity” and can be found in the new CSB Life Counsel Bible, done in partnership with New Growth Press. In this edited excerpt, we look at the 4 principles that help us lead with … [Read More…]

Getting cozy with the CSB Notetaking Bible

Few things are as cozy as reading a good book and journaling. Doing both together is near bliss. We don’t even need to picture a rainy day, a cup of tea, or a crackling fireplace (or, for others, a scenic lake, an isolated cabin, a cute coffee shop, or whatever may be your favorite reading … [Read More…]

Reflecting on God-given rest

Rest—and the time and support required to get it—can be difficult to find in the rush and thrum of a full schedule. But God designed his creation with a need for community and external support. Let’s reflect on the artist Gustave Doré’s depiction of Elijah receiving divine caretaking. Now, let’s read the passage the piece … [Read More…]

A four-step model for caring for a hurting friend

There’s a special sort of awkwardness that comes from not knowing how to be there for a friend in need. But that time of shared grief and presence is extremely important to a friendship. In this month of focusing on what it means to be comforted by God, it is good to turn biblical wisdom … [Read More…]