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Who is your neighbor?

As part of the CSB’s initiative to have people pick up their Bibles, we want to use June to encourage people to pick up their Bible and serve. There are so many ways for us to serve in our local and global communities. Food banks, homeless shelters, mission trips, and hospital visits are just a … [Read More…]

The CSB Explorer Bible for Kids Wins ECPA Award!

We’re excited to share that the CSB Explorer Bible for Kids won the 2023 ECPA Book of the Year Award in the Bible Category! The ECPA announced the 14 winners at the Christian Book Awards in Nashville on May 9th, where they honor the “best of the year” in Christian literature. The CSB Explorer Bible for … [Read More…]

Greek Word devos: Aphiēmi

In our Greek Word Devotional series, we discuss some of our favorite passages in the Bible, focusing on the specific use of certain Greek words. Coming out of Easter, let’s look at one of Jesus’s famous parables, found in Matthew 18:27: “Then the master of that servant had compassion, released him, and forgave him the … [Read More…]

Why I Switched from the NIV to the CSB

Recently, pastor Dustin Battles wrote about his decision to embrace the CSB as his main translation when preaching and teaching. You can read about why he did this over on logos.com in his article “Why I Switched from the NIV to the CSB (Christian Standard Bible).”