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Reading the Psalms in 30 Days

The New Psalms in 30 Days is here!

In Psalms in 30 Days (available digitally and now in print), author and teacher Trevin Wax has adapted a centuries-old approach to reading the Psalms by providing a “Morning,” “Midday” and “Evening” pattern, following the Scriptural precedent for praying three times a day. 

This journey through the Psalms features other songs from the Bible, confessions of faith, and written prayers from faithful Christians who have gone before us. This book is a guide to praying through the Psalms each month by lifting our eyes, three times a day, to see and experience the goodness and faithfulness of God in the midst of all things.

We invite you to join us as we begin 2022 with the Psalms in 30 Days Reading Journey.  Are you ready to start afresh and hear from God as you dedicate time throughout the day to meditate and reflect on His Goodness?    

Grab your copy today!