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Setting Ourselves Up for Success

Somehow, it’s already been about 2 weeks into 2022. And if you’re like us, your New Year’s Resolutions may already be lagging behind.

Here’s our short list of resources we’ve used as a CSB Family. Now we’d love to hear from you! What CSB are you using to keep God’s Word a part of your 2022 priorities? Share a photo of you and your favorite CSB on Instagram and we may feature it on our socials!

CSB Scripture Notecards–Hosanna Revival Edition

These notecards are great for daily reading and encouragement. Display them on your desk, rip them out and place them on your refrigerator or mirror for reminders, or whatever else you may find helpful. These Notecards help keep us focused and reminded of God’s grace. There are 52 of them (so you can plan one a week if that’s how you’re wired), and each card is repeated so you can keep the display copy and use the other one however you like! We also have matching Notetaking Bibles available to help you journal the Word through 2022.

CSB Life Connections Study Bible

The CSB Life Connections Study Bible is great for those who are reading with their small groups, family, or other group of friends. Designed to foster communal conversation, this Bible is a wonderful way to read your Bible with community in mind. Not only does this Bible set you up for success, it sets up those in your community as well! For a limited time, get this stunning edition for less than $12 (that’s 80% off!)

CSB Legacy Bible and CSB Family Bible

If reading with your family is your priority, or if you are reading to leave behind a legacy for your grandchildren, be sure to check out the CSB Legacy Bible and the CSB Family Bible for great family-focused content. Perhaps a Bible set up with this motivation in mind will help keep us focused as we continue to read our Bibles through the New Year.

CSB Rainbow Bible

The CSB Rainbow Bible is designed to make study and reference as easy as possible. With a color-coded system that focuses on the 12 major themes of Scripture (​​God, discipleship, love, faith, sin, evil, salvation, family, outreach, commandments, history, and prophecy), this Bible makes your study painless, which in turn makes reading the Bible easier than ever before.