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Reflecting on God-given rest

Rest—and the time and support required to get it—can be difficult to find in the rush and thrum of a full schedule. But God designed his creation with a need for community and external support. Let’s reflect on the artist Gustave Doré’s depiction of Elijah receiving divine caretaking. Now, let’s read the passage the piece … [Read More…]

Bible Adorned with Classic Art Inspires Sanctified Imagination

Gustave Doré was a prolific French artist and printmaker from the 1800s whose wood-engraved illustrations graced books from authors like Dante, Lord Byron, and Edgar Allen Poe. But for many art connoisseurs, Doré’s most notable body of work consists of more than 200 biblical illustrations found in the two-volume title, “La Grande Bible de Tours.” … [Read More…]