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Explore Your Faith

So far, we’ve encouraged you to pick up your Bible and read, pray, and serve. In July, the CSB is looking to pick up the Bible and explore. Exploration can be physical, spiritual, relational, educational, and anything in between! Here are just a few ideas on expanding your spiritual topography, but there are certainly more … [Read More…]

Ways to serve your community

It’s easy to talk about serving our communities in broad strokes, and it’s natural for us to serve those in our relational orbit – friends, family, coworkers, etc. But what does it look like to specifically serve the vulnerable in our communities? The ones whom we don’t know. The ones who won’t be able to … [Read More…]

Who Is Your Neighbor?

As part of the CSB’s initiative to have people pick up their Bibles, we want to use June to encourage people to pick up their Bible and serve. There are so many ways for us to serve in our local and global communities. Food banks, homeless shelters, mission trips, and hospital visits are just a … [Read More…]